Creativity is endless in this area of designing and customizing Quickbook forms, invoices to match the current branding of your company. The tips below will walk your through a basic customization as always, I highly recommend experimenting with different features in this area. Once the basic Quickbook template is set up, this process is finished!

**QuickBooks Tip. Make sure you make a copy of the template you are customizing to preserve the integrity of the original design.

To begin, from the “list” pull down menu select “templates.” For today, we are using a copy of the Intuit Product Invoice to play with. These steps can be applied to any invoice, sales receipt, estimate etc. See Picture 1)

Right click to select “edit the template.” This screen is the artist’s palate in which to explore. See Picture 2

The logo has already been chosen (see last week’s blog) and now the layout of the invoice is going to be tweaked to create a different look.


If color is important to the look of your company template, selecting the new color scheme and clicking the “apply color scheme” button to the right can change the basic color scheme. See Picture 3


Right below the color scheme is the option to change the font. See Picture 2 Possibly to match your branding or the current default font you use the most. The font can be changed for each element in the invoice.


In this screen, what your company needs or does not need is presented as an option to include on the invoice. A basic rule of thumb is less is more! Unselect anything that is not pertinent to your industry. Anything can be added later if needed. Simple is better. The names can be changed of any field or item in QuickBooks.


Once the basics have been set, a more detailed and specific customization is offered by selecting the “layout designer” at the bottom of the screen. Within this screen QuickBooks offers many options of moving and changing individual elements. This is where the fun begins and also the gratitude for having saved a copy of the original template, just in case! A basic rule of thumb in this window is to select an element that you would like to change, then select “properties” at the top right of the screen. See Picture 5

Other elements can be easily moved by selecting them with your mouse and just dragging them to the location you would like.
When you are complete the template can be previewed. See Picture 6 for the “before” and ‘after” looks. With just a few simple changes, collecting money from clients never looked better!

The possibilities are endless and can be a fun part of the process. Creativity abounds

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